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Unleash the power of AI on any Mac app

With just one shortcut key, enjoy AI capabilities in any app. Select text, press the shortcut key, and Macaify will instantly handle the task for you. No need to switch between apps.

Customize predefined robots

Customize AI robots for every step of your workflow, whether it's text processing, code generation, or automation tasks. Macaify can help you complete them all.

1000+ robot templates

Not sure how to define a robot command? We have over 1000 robot templates ready to serve you.

Mouse-free, all keyboard operation

Hold down the command key to display shortcut key prompts.

Coming Features

Here are some features we're working on

Unlock a world of limitless AI capabilities - Not only text

Generate images, semantically search images, and convert text to speech files.

AI - Mac - Internet

Bridge the gap between system interfaces and internet interfaces, commanding them effortlessly with natural language.

Process web URLs

Easily process web URLs with just one click.

Search the latest internet content

No longer limited to ChatGPT's data, you can instantly search the latest internet content.

Free quota for everyone

No need for an API key, everyone can use it for free.

Pricing for All Plans

Choose a plan that suits you and instantly boost your productivity..


Enjoy most of the basic functions

  • Unlimited number of bots
  • 1000+ pre-defined bots
  • Seamlessly Use AI in Any Scenario
  • Use your own API Key
  • ⌛️ Search the latest interne
  • ⌛️ Monthly free quota of 50
Free Plan


More AI capabilities, more free quota

  • All Free Plan features
  • AI-powered Image creation
  • AI-powered Image search
  • Voice AI capabilities
  • AI-powered Charting creation
  • Monthly free quota of 1000
Coming soon


More quota, for users who require heavy usage

  • All Standard Plan features
  • Expert team support
  • Monthly free quota of 3000
Coming soon